Saturday, 10 November 2018

Tenacious D Post-Apocalypto - Richee Review

No one is safe from the awesome powers of Tenacious D. First they took over the music industry, then they made a pretty shitty film, but now there having a crack a YouTube, introducing songs from their latest album Post-Apocalypto with short videos, giving the album it's very own special story.

The story follows Jack Black and Kyle Gass after a nuclear bomb goes off. The two travel the wasteland in search of a way to survive, get laid, and even save the world towards the end. This sees the guys ending up in some sticky situations as they tackle crazy cannibal women, vagina monsters, Donald Trump Jr and even meet up with a Terminator which can fulfill all of the D's needs. 
The band did almost everything involved with their videos. from not only writing the story, voicing all the characters, singing the songs and the least impressive of all, doing the animation. So I'm just gonna put this out there, but this was utter shit; everything about it was bad, even the usual solid songs were bad. The story was nonsensical, unoriginal and juvenile. The voice acting was phoned in, and if this is the best Jack Black can draw I'd be shocked.

I was thinking during the first episode if this is a massive troll to show that they can put in the least amount of effort possible and people would still support them; or maybe insulting YouTube as a platform as a whole; or maybe, just maybe, they thought they were making something good, but I doubt that. 
So here's the biggest problem: with all the zany stories that are going on, the episodes still feel boring and dragged out. I wanted to like this as I'm a fan of Jack Black and Tenacious D but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It reminds me of Sharknado, whereas it's not so bad it's good, it's just had no effort put in to it what's so ever and you know it's just bad. Final rating 2/10: it's absolute trash, and the one good thing is that every episode together only comes to an hour, so it's not too long. Richee

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