Friday, 2 November 2018

Navy Seals vs Zombies (2015) - Richee Review

Halloween may be over, but terrible zombie films are all year round. Navy Seals vs Zombies came out in 2015 and no one noticed, just like all the other "blank vs zombie" films that have come out in recent years. So the story follows a group of navy seals sent on a mission to rescue the Vice President from a zombie hoard in Baton Rouge. While on the mission they find themselves having to go on a second rescue op to save a scientist who could have the cure to the zombie outbreak.

So the story is simple enough. The problem is everything in between, including the piss poor to non existent practical effects. The awful CGI is so bad it made me wonder why they even bothered; nothing would have been better then what they had. The acting is poor; there's a handful of semi-decent performances, but nothing to write home about. The zombies chop and change how they act on a whim, as do certain scenes where you see zombies down an alley way to there being no zombies there the next second.

One of the biggest sins is how unlikable the main character AJ is. He happily leaves multiple people to die, including one of his own navy seal comrades, then pretending like he wants to go back for him. He also gets bitten but, shock horror, he's immune due to having his vaccines. This film is one of, if not the worst, "blank vs zombie" films I think I've ever seen. At least other films throw buckets full of gore at their scenes. 

Plus, finding out this film cost five million dollars to make, you wonder where the money went. Some of the scenes were laughable, with cars driving around in the background in some shots, making me wonder if they actually had permission to film on the streets. Other shots seem ripped straight from army videos. Final rating is 2/10: it's terrible, but it's fun to watch and mock everything that's wrong with it. Richee

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