Thursday, 1 November 2018

Fallout 76 - First Impressions with Richee

I got my first taste of Bethesda's latest Fallout outing with Fallout 76 beta, which is taking a departure from the norm to bring us an online multiplayer game. Of course, with everything new there has been plenty of push back because how dare a gaming company try something new?! This is something I've always wanted, as I have a group of friends who are fans of Fallout and the idea of searching a wasteland together sounds great. I went in to the first day of the beta by myself as my friends had work the next day and couldn't stay up till eleven to play through till three in the morning.

I played on PS4, luckily dodging the whole PC mass deletion mishap; so much for the PC master race. I've been eagerly awaiting this and jumped straight in, rushing through my character creation to get down to the nitty gritty. I'm planning on updating my character creation on full release, as you can change your appearance whenever you want. Upon exiting the vault I was attacked a new enemy in the some of the little drones, dispatching them with a couple of shots with my pipe pistol. I stuck with a group of randoms at the start, sweeping through the area's with the first few missions, collecting everything in my wake. 

I decided to break away from the pack after I got a quest to head up to the Morgan Town airport. I was level four and a little dubious how friendly the group would be upon hitting level five, when the player vs player aspect kicks in. I found lots of interesting area's to explore, from a ranger station which had a ranger outfit, with an impressive value of 200 caps and of which I jumped in straight away, to a ghoul invested light house. It was when I reached the train yard though were things really kicked off. Infested with the scorched, a combination of ghouls and raiders, I had luckily got to grips with the new V.A.T.S system, which is a little tricky to begin and takes time to figure out, but I was able to wipe out the group.

Entering the station I found piles of gore everywhere. Searching the yard I found lots of goodies, mostly new weapons to try. Out the back are all the train carriages where I found a semi-intact suit of power armor. I was unable to get in the suit due to the few parts it had, being too higher level for me to use, so I stripped them off and jumped in the suit to try it out for a bit. When it got dark I decided to ditch the suit, due to not being able to use my pipboy light. Luckily, you can pick the suit up and keep it on you. It is a bit weighty, though.

I had played around with the camp system early on, just to store all my junk when I got over encumbered, but decided to actually have a bit of a build this time. I couldn't build next to the train yard, as you can't build too close to a marked location. The building is simple enough. I put the wrong roof on my hut, but that was down to me rushing more then anything, and I stored all my stuff I didn't need at my base and carried on. 

I didn't have much time left, so I headed for the airport to do one last quest at level six. I was worried again about other players, but that worry proved unneeded as the two people I came across, one scaring the heck out of me by jumping off the ceiling down in front of me, didn't seem interested in trying to murder me. I completed the quest and found a safe place in a corner to log out of the game.

This left me wanting more. I love searching the post apocalyptic worlds that Bethesda bring to us, and I was never really worried about the lack of non playable characters. I just want to explore, and I imagine if that's your bag too you'll love this. If you do want a more story driven game with lots of branching dialogue options then yeah, this game won't be for you, but there seems to be plenty to do and uncover in this world. I found a quest where the Mayor of a town needs help. I don't know if he is dead already or if he is a robot who has taken charge, but I can't wait to get back on to find out.

I don't know what else to say because I can't understand the hate that this game is getting. Yes, it isn't lore friendly, as Bethesda wanted to shoe horn the Brotherhood in, as it's one of their major factions, but I have less of an issue with that as I do with the fact I found a Tunnel Snake outfit, which as far as I'm aware is a small vault group in the common wealth and not a massive political group, but there ya go, it is what it is and I can't wait to jump in with my friends and hunt some of the larger monsters and collect all the bobble heads. I'm not quite sure if their benefits stay with you permanently or if only when you have it on your person. 

So yeah, I loved this and highly recommend it to fans of survival games. If anything, I think the survival aspects might be a bit too easy, but hopefully it ramps up at higher levels. I was unable to get a mutation, but I love the idea of the perk card level up system. Oh, and I almost forgot the atom store which is Bethesda's little store where you can buy cosmetics for your character and other bits. I ended up with 360 atoms at the end of my four hour session and the store had a baseball cap which cost 500, so the prices are ludicrous but at least you know what your getting for your atoms, even if it isn't worth it. Richee

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