Thursday, 15 November 2018

Batman Ninja (2018) - Richee Review

Thank you, Netflix. This animated film came out earlier on in the year and I almost brought it. Luckily I didn't, and I forgot about it until I saw it on Netflix and I went oh yeah, I wanted to watch this. The film was made entirely by Japanese creators and indulged in Japan's distinctive culture, both real and imagined.

The story has Batman, his allies and most of his enemies transported to feudal Japan, after Gorilla Grodds makes the teleportation machine in Arkham Asylum. Batman gets there two years later then everyone else, which means that the villains have had time to conquer separate regions and are preparing to go to war against each other to become the ruler of Japan. Batman has to stop them and also fix Grodds machine so they can get back to their own time and Gotham City.

So yes, the story is a stupid and it gets so much worse later on, but before that let's talk about the animation itself. This film looks amazing you can see all the inspirations, from Japanese art in general with the backgrounds, and the characters are very manga-esque, especially the buxom women. 

Getting back to the story though, the idea is interesting in watching these characters go toe to toe in combat with samurai swords and other legendary weapons. Unfortunately, where as we do get some of that, we don't get enough as the film takes a shift when we find out the Joker has turned his base into some sort of Transformer, as it has big robotic arms, then later on when the villains go to war they are all in giant mechs and it's just ridiculous. It makes this anime feel like some sort of knock-off Power Rangers but when all the monkeys and bats join together to become a giant Batman I was just left thinking how stupid it was.

The voice acting is good. I kinda feel like there was too much Joker though, as Tony Hale does a good job but does begin to grate on the nerves towards the end of the film. However, the finale of the film where we get Joker vs Batman was really good, but everything that came before was just bad. Final verdict is a 4/10: the beautiful animation can't save this film from the terrible decisions made in the story. Plus, we should have had more from the other villain's, Joker is given too much to do and gets kinda annoying and boring towards the end. Richee

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