Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Ravenous (2017) - Halloween Horror Richee Review

My adventure to watch every zombie film ever made continues. This time we're heading to Canada to see what they can deliver, taking place in the beautiful Quebec woodlands. The film follows three separate groups as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. They go for the more popular rage zombies then the traditional slow zombies; these zombies also build towers of trash for reasons that don't get explained, but it's different.

As the groups numbers begin to dwindle, the survivors come together to try and survive the growing hoard, who seems to be closing in on them in their search for food. The story is simple, but that works for zombie films. It tackles the classic issues of trusting someone who has a bite they claim isn't a zombie bite, and the difficulty of dealing with having to deal with a family member who turns.
The film looks beautiful with some excellent panning shots of the forest. The gore looks good; one head-shot in particular looked really awesome, but it also pans away when needed for the more gruesome moments. The acting is really good across the board, especially the leads Bonin (Marc-Andre Grondin) and Tania (Monia Chokri). The only thing going against the film is the pacing; the film is very slow throughout with some scenes dragged out. The finale is pretty good though, where the action really picks up.

Final verdict is a 6/10: it's an above average film, even with the slow pacing and some silly choices by characters, but you've got to expect that from horror films. There's also a character who keeps popping up to scare the group which ends with hilarious results, but feels out of place in a world where everyone makes as little sound as possible to have this guy popping out screaming constantly. Richee

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