Tuesday, 23 October 2018

HALLOWEEN - podcast review out now

Forty years ago John Carpenter released Halloween, introducing the world to the William Shatner masked serial killer Michael Myers. Now in 2018 we get a direct sequel (directed by David Gordon Green), after nine other sequels, which sees Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) get revenge on her old foe. This new Halloween sees Laurie suffering long after the incidents of 1978, and as Michael manages to escape due to an accident, she has to work with all her wit and skill to save her family. After all these years though, does this bogey man still have the power to shock. We discuss the pitfalls of a familiar series, how the cinematography builds tension, and whether Halloween could be seen as an "optimistic" horror.

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Intro and outro music by Leigh Spence of Dancing with the Gatekeepers and The Leigh Spence Moment.

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