Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Errementari (The Blacksmith and the Devil) - Richee review

Netflix keep pumping out the movies. This one came out last week along with Apostle and looked rather interesting. So, having reviewed Apostle last week, I made time to watch Errementari this week. The film was made in Spain and I'd highly advise watching it with subtitles as the dubbing was really bad, as it usually is.

Shock horror, the film revolves around a blacksmith and a demon. There also happens to be a little orphan child but more about her later. The blacksmith Patxi made a pact with the demon Sartael to return home to his wife alive during a war torn Spain. Upon getting home, things don't work out as planned, as is the norm when making deals with demons. Usue is the little orphan girl who has to deal with the jerk children around her village and ends up sneaking into the blacksmith's property and forge to retrieve her dolls head. This gets her caught up in the conflict with Patxi and Sartael, and brings the town to go hunting for Usue, getting their mob on to go after Patxi.
So the story is an interesting one. The acting was enjoyable, once I turned the terrible dubbing off. But the thing that blew me away was the amazing cosmetic effects on the demons; they all had there own distinct look and were really interesting. The story was simple but had plenty of twist and turns to keep you interested through out. Certain aspects of the story are a bit predictable, but that doesn't take away from the film. 

I enjoyed this one. There's not enough films about demons in them, and hell and deals with the devil are few and far between, so it's good to see the Spanish capitalizing on old folk lore. Final rating is 7/10: it's a good film and one to check out especially, this time of the year. Richee 

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