Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Big Mouth Season 2 - Richee Review

Following the incredibly enjoyable and offensive first season, Big Mouth continues the stories of main characters: Nick, who's worried he's still not going through puberty and is being left behind; Andy, who's actions bring around a new character in the spectacular Shame Wizard; and Jessi, who starts acting out in more and more extreme ways thanks to her hormone monster during the divorce of her parents. Jay and Missy also have their moments throughout the second season.

The main arc in this series is the introduction of the Shame Wizard, who gets in everyone's head to make them feel, well, shame for their urges and actions. Coach Steve also has a bigger role this season as he befriends Jay and loses his virginity. We also get to see where the hormone monster's work in the Department of Puberty along with all the other emotion personified characters they have to deal with.
The stand out moment for me this season was the two part episode which saw all the kids sleeping in the school gymnasium to watch the stars, but things blow up to the Shame Wizard's delight as he gets in all the kids heads and goes up against the seemingly shameless coach Steve. However, the show as a whole just felt a bit lackluster, as the humor seemed to take it down a notch from the first season.

The voice acting is great, though. Nick Kroll is awesome in every role and David Thewlis is great as the Shame Wizard, plus I loved seeing Nathan Fillion popping up as Andy's rival for Missy's affection in her day dreams. The animation is fine, but he show feels like it's lost a step without the shock factor of the first season. It's still enjoyable, it just doesn't reach the same heights as the first. Final: verdict 6/10 Richee 

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