Tuesday, 16 October 2018

BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE / APOSTLE - podcast review out now

We have a double podcast review out today, and first up we have Drew Goddard's Bad Times at the El Royale. A hotel that straddles the boarder between California and Nevada, the El Royale has lost it's lustre and seems quite deserted. Four guests all arrive at once, and the bad times soon prevail. With excellent music, script and acting, we break down how Bad Times at the El Royale manages to keep the audience surprised. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Lewis Pullman, John Hamm and Dakota Johnson.

Next up we review the Netflix exclusive Apostle, directed by The Raid's Gareth Evans. Dan Stevens plays a vagrant who is trusted to save is his sister from a reclusive religious cult, but little does he know that the cult is much darker and primal than he expected. He discuss the unanswered questions that this film raises, and talk about the terrifying torture contraptions that the island uses. Co-starring Michael Sheen, Lucy Boynton, and Mark Lewis Jones

You can listen to this episode directly here.

(Apologies for the background noise in the latter half of the podcast, we hope it's not too intrusive.)

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Intro and outro music by Leigh Spence of Dancing with the Gatekeepers and The Leigh Spence Moment.

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