Saturday, 15 September 2018

Iron Fist Season 2 - Richee Review

The Marvel show everyone was waiting for finally came out. With the first season setting the bar so low, there weren't any real expectations here. Well, I was hoping they'd just skip season 2 and go straight into a Heroes for Hire series, but that wasn't going to happen with the route they've taken Luke Cage. 

Danny and Colleen are now dating, while Joy has joined forces with Davos to try and hurt Danny as much as he has hurt them. Also, with the Hand defeated, the two biggest triad gangs are starting a war on the streets for control. Danny has to play damage control and try to get the two gangs to stop the war and work something out; sounds legit for two warring triad gangs.We're also introduced to a new character in Mary, who has her own issues.
Davos gets his wish and he starts cleaning up the city with his own red variant of the Iron Fist, hunting down all the triad members and murdering them with ruthless aggression. While Danny, Colleen and Misty join forces to stop his awesome, if bloody, crusade to wipe out crime. 

So yeah, this season is far superior to the first. The choreography is better with the fight scenes, but he characters are hit and miss; Colleen plays more of a reserved role through out the beginning of the series, but does come in to her own in the final couple of episodes. Danny and Joy are tolerable, however Ward is pretty insufferable as he spends most the season whining about how Joy won't forgive him. The real stand outs are new characters Mary and Walker, especially the latter who is a bad ass.

Then there is Davos, the real stand out in my opinion. Being the complete opposite of Danny, he is ruthless and has a pretty reasonable gripe about how things went down in K'un-Lun, and I was conflicted as he's basically a kung fu Punisher, killing all the bad guys, then as the show goes on he takes it a step further, then a step too far.

I don't know, I'm conflicted. The main story is really well told, but the side stories are really lame. the dialogue can be pretty weak at points, just grinding the momentum to a halt in some places. Final verdict is a 6/10: it's an above average outing for Danny Rand and the Iron Fist this time, but I feel it could be better if the pacing was more consistent. The after credit scene is also quite interesting, as we get Daredevil going a bit emo for a possible Daredevil season 3. Richee

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