Monday, 3 September 2018

DVD Roundup: Why is Gamora edition

Ten years in the making, Marvel released their cinematic magnum opus this year, bringing together characters from nearly everyone of their films. So if you didn't see it in the cinema's, and by some kind of miracle you've managed to avoid all the spoilers, you can now catch Infinity War on home release. Listen to our full review in the player below.

If you've not read Frankenstein, do yourself a favour and read it. And then go and read about the fascinating life of it's author Mary Shelley and her family and friends. While I may still watch this film if I get a chance, disappointing reviews that focus on a conventional love story kind of taper the author who was well ahead of her time.

Incident in a Ghostland seems a bit of generic horror story, focusing on a family who move into their dead aunts house, only to be attacked by a gang of murderers, and then returning years later. The only big issue to come out of this film is the actually horrifying incident of actress Taylor Hickson cutting her face badly on glass during a scene (why they weren't using safety glass I don't know), resulting in 70 stitches and a lawsuit. Kind of makes that poster all the more insensitive.

Elle Fanning is back in another film this week, seeing the general release of Netflix's How to Talk to Girls at Parties. based on the short story by Neil Gaiman, this retroactive 70's sci-fi tells a love story between a couple of punks and, unfortunately, the film has been getting some mediocre reviews, achieving not quite the quirky heights it aspires to.

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