Saturday, 22 September 2018

Bleach (2018) - Richee Review

Another month, another Netflix live action version of a beloved anime show. This time we get Bleach, avoiding the white washing controversy of Death Note and keeping this film in Japan. My memories of Bleach are a bit foggy, I watched it up to the sixth season, but like with most anime's I lost interest and moved on.

So the film follows the story quite closely to what I remember. It starts with a young Ichigo losing his mother when he is attacked by a strange child. Fast forward to Ichigo in high-school; he's no normal high-schooler though, he sees dead people. One night, a strange girl named Rukia show's up in his bedroom; we find out she is a reaper and is hunting a hollow who is attracted by Ichigo due to his high spiritual pressure. One thing leads to another and Rukia is forced to go against the reaper code and gives up her powers to Ichigo so he can defeat the Hollow. 
With the Hollow defeated, Rukia tries to regain her powers from Ichigo, but he isn't strong enough to give it back, forcing him to train to get stronger so she can get her powers back and Ichigo can defeat other Hollows who may come after him. There also happens to be a slight issue of Rukia's brother hunting them both down because breaking the reaper code is punishable by death.

The film stays faithful to the story while trying to cram multiple story arks into one film. The film just felt a little flat to me: the CGI Hollows look okay, but no where near as opposing as the ones from the anime; the actors were fine but I didn't get infested in any of them; then there's the reapers, who really come off as the real bad guy, acting like hypocritical thugs with no honor.

Final rating is 5/10: it's a bang-average film. The first hour feels slow then the final third throws in all the conflicts one after another in a rushed finale, which makes little sense in the end, as the out come is what Ichigo offered to the reapers who attacked him.. Plus, they leave out the best character from the anime in Kon, yay KON! Richee

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