Thursday, 9 August 2018

Game Night (2018) - Richee Review

Game Night came out earlier in the year to lots of favorable reviews, but we decided to stay in and watch Mute on Netflix, to Layla's dismay. It came out recently on DVD and Blu-Ray so I grabbed myself a copy and expected good things.

The film is a dark comedy where a group of friends get together to have competitive game nights. Things take a turn when Max's brother Brooks sets up a game night at his house where some one will get kidnapped and the rest of the crew have to find them; who ever wins gets the keys to his new car. Unfortunately, he gets kidnapped by some real criminals, having angered the wrong person, his friends believing the kidnapping is part of the game and carry on playing until they realize this is no game, and Brooks needs saving.

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams star as couple Max and Annie. Both actors are fine, Jason Bateman is his usual average joe self and Rachel McAdams is good for her part, accept for one particular scene near the end which just felt lackluster. Some of their friends are tolerable, two of them are a couple who fight all the way through the film about which celebrity she slept with when they were on a break. Then there is Ryan, who is just the worst kind of human. Oh, and Brooks is also an asshole.

I'm not gonna beat around the bush here: I not only found this film boring, I also found it unfunny, finding the funniest joke being about glass tables not breaking when people fall on them. All the scenes feel dragged out and constant bickering is just tedious rather then amusing. There's a twist in the final third which comes out of nowhere and doesn't bring anything to the finale. The film had a promising idea but fell flat on its face, with unlikable characters and a plodding story. Final verdict is a 3/10: the table jokes saved this from being a 2 just. 

Have you seen the film? If so what did you think? Were you a fan? If so let me know what you enjoyed about the film. I also have a digital download code I'm never gonna use, so if you enjoyed the film and want to watch it again, or just wanna watch it, here is the code for the digital download: 7TG3P8MRFEPSEA33. Hope you enjoy it more then I did.

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