Monday, 13 August 2018

DVD Roundup: Too noisy edition

I'll be honest, when I first saw the trailer for A Quiet Place, I wasn't that impressed. The bit where the boy had a noisy toy, and yet the whole conceit of the film is to stay silent, seemed kind of silly to me. However, when the screenings started showing, and everyone was going on about the atmosphere the film created within the cinema - just the utter silence - I feel like we missed out on this one. How much of that atmosphere will be created in your living room is another issue, but one I'm looking forward to trying out.

Starring the late Anton Yelchin, as well as Anya Taylor-Joy from The Witch, Thoroughbreds looks at two teens who, while they grew apart as youngsters, reconnect to hatch a wicked plan. While criticised for being a bit shallow, the plot sounds dastardly enough to be enjoyable, and you know there's going to be some decent acting.

Even though I can't get on with the Harry Potter movies, I think Daniel Radcliffe is a great actor and I'll happily watch anything he's in, but perhaps not Beast of Burden. For one, the plot sounds a bit trite and played-out, focusing on a drug mule caught between the cartel he works for, the DEA, and his wife, and plus the reviews haven't all been all great either.

Remember Angel Dust from the Deadpool? Well, Gina Carano headlines Scorched Earth, a post-apocalyptic movie about a bounty hunter going after a gang boss. So far, so standard. Sounds a bit like a B-movie, and if you like those kind of films you'll enjoy this. Being a former MMA fighter, you can at least expect Carano's fight scenes to look good.

a quiet place
beast of burden
scorched earth

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