Monday, 6 August 2018

DVD Roundup: before the Age of Obedience edition

This week sees the release of two movies big on their own fantastical worlds. First up is Steven Spielberg's much hyped adaptation of Ready Player One, which sees Tye Sheridan star as a real life loser who manages to find riches and fame in a massive virtual reality treasure hunt. While the numerous, very numerous, easter eggs and references are perhaps the most fun part of this film, it displays a safe plot, leaving us with a somewhat listless experience. Then we have Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, a stop motion animation which is highly stylised in both it's visuals and dialogue and one which is a fun, stimulating adventure when you lean into it. Listen to our podcast review for both of these films in the player below.

Starring Nick Robinson, who you may recognise as the mopey teenager from Jurassic World, Love, Simon sees him play a teenager who falls for another boy online, but who isn't ready to come out just yet. While many teen dramas are soppy, trite or just plain painful, Love, Simon has one praise for being smart and funny, as well as being reminiscent of John Hughes best films from the 80s.

It's somewhat surprising that a film like Terminal went straight to DVD. Starring Margot Robbie, Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher and Mike Myers, you would think that would be enough big names to secure even a small release, but I guess not. The plot, however, does sound a bit basic: a neo-sci-fi-noir with twists and turns and shadows and neon lights. Maybe its a style that needs a little break.

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