Friday, 13 July 2018

Pharmacy Road Richee Review

One of the oddest things I watched last year was the HBO comedy sporting spoof 7 Days in Hell, so when I saw the trailer for the follow up about the Tour de France, one thing led to another and I completely forgot about it, until I stumbled across it while searching for things to watch. 

The single episode short runs at just thirty seven minutes, and it has to cram a lot in as it follows five riders in the 1982 Tour de France, which was the year every one was found out to be a drug cheat, as well as one of the riders heart exploding, to a female rider trying to prove that anything a man can do a woman can do too. 

The cast is impressive with Andy Samberg, John Cena, Jeff Goldblum and Danny Glover. The show also has the riders commenting on the race and their accounts of what happened. Plus, a certain Lance Armstrong talking about drug use in cycling while thinking his identity is hidden.

Again, the short is fun and silly, not as bonkers as 7 Days in Hell, but you do get to see John Cena lifting up a naked man in a fight early on. I really enjoy these "Legends of Sports" shorts; they're silly but amusing and bring something different with their high budget short film style. I'd recommend giving it a watch. It's not a bad way to be entertained for over half an hour.

I'll look forward to what comes next. I don't know if they have anything planned for sequels, but with so may sports in the world they're not gonna run out of content any time soon.

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