Wednesday, 25 July 2018

More DC, more awful looking trailers

Oh DC, I really get the feeling you have no idea what you're up too. We've had three trailers drop recently, all DC related, and not one of them good. First up we stick with the dark and grimy Titans. They ditched the teen this time round and apparently the creators didn't get the memo that DC was going for a more bubbly route.

The trailer follows Raven, looking for the other Titans for help, when she meets Dick Grayson who shows the darker side of Robin, snapping a guy's neck by stamping on his face and saying "fuck Batman. "So dark, so moody, so lame. We also get to see Beast Boy and Starfire. Cyborg is missing though, having skipped the Teen Titan nonsense for the Justice League. A lot of killing ensues and the whole thing looks like an angsty teen drama with super dweebs.

Next up we have the least interesting member of the Justice League in Aquaman. We get to find out the back story for Arthur Curry and that his dad boned a mermaid queen; what a riveting back story. Bad guys wanna rule Atlantis only he can stop them blah blah blah. One liners and poor comic timing make this look as good as Aquaman did in Justice League. You could say it looks like a damp "squid" (pun intended). This just didn't look all that exciting or funny to me. But James Wan did shock me with Fast and Furious 7 so who knows, it could be good.

Finally we have Shazam; this trailer was painful. We see an orphan (real original) gets adopted by a new family, protects his new brother from bullies and gets granted super powers, being chosen as champion, while riding a subway car. We then get a montage of him finding out his powers while doing a Fortnite dance. The only upside to this trailer was seeing that they cast: the ever awesome bad-ass Mark Strong as the villain. But for me, Zachary Levi in the lead just looks weird. Also, who the hell says "you have bullet immunity," over "wow, you're bullet proof?"

I get the feeling I'm just a DC hating Marvel fan boy but I found very little to get excited for in these trailers, but people on twitter seemed to be excited, so who knows, maybe it is just me. What do you think? Are you looking forward to the new DC properties? Let me know in the comments. Richee

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