Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Luke Cage Season 2 - Richee Review

Netflix return again with the second season of Marvel's Power Man, or Luke Cage as they prefer, following the bulletproof hero as he continues his fight against Mariah Dillard, who is trying to go "straight" with some inside information from Piranha Jones. We also have the awesome villain Bushmaster, who is more of an anti-hero if you ask me, as he wants Mariah dead due to old history the two have, as the Stokes family killed and usurped Bushmasters family. 

The series as a whole had a lot of ups and downs as it tackles a whole lot, from Luke's relationship with his father to Mariah's relationship with her daughter Tilda. Shades brings in his most trusted ally in Comanche, who doesn't really see why Shades is working with Mariah. Luke also has issues with Claire, which only lasts for the first few episodes, thankfully. Misty is back with a new bad-ass arm thanks to Rand enterprises, Danny and Coleen appear in a couple of episodes to lend a hand. 

I liked the dilemma Luke went through this season trying to be a hero, but at what cost? Trying to do what's right, even if it means it's the wrong thing to do. Bushmaster has a lame name but is a bad-ass Jamaican, leading a new group called the Stylers as he takes the war to Mariah and Luke, knowing he won't control Harlem if Luke is about. With powers similar to Luke, Bushmaster gets an awesome action scene in the first episode which sadly doesn't get bettered through the next 12 episodes. He's great but never reaches the heights of the first episode. 

I really don't want to give too much away, but as much as I enjoyed the characters, the season again felt long, hitting a massive stumbling block from episode 8 to 11. They really should knock the Marvel season down to ten episodes each rather then thirteen; if they can tell the story they told in Avengers: Infinity War in three hours, why the hell do they need thirteen to tell this story. They don't. I also hated the police this season, going from bullying Misty over losing an arm to being totally useless, to also having Misty's rival turn crooked because she's a bitch. It was not surprising and I really didn't care about that side story.

I'm torn with this one. The acting is great for the most part. Mike Colter is perfect as Luke Cage, Alfre Woodard was again awesome as the evil Mariah, and Mustafa Shakir was better then I thought a character then Bushmaster could ever be, looking and acting like a ruthless bad-ass. Then you had the characters I just didn't care about, basically Claire and the police force, excluding Misty. I was sad Misty didn't leave the force to join up with Luke as Heroes for Hire, but I was shocked about where they left the story.

Final rating is a 7/10, just. The slump after episode 8 was a real struggle to get through, but the last few episodes and the end of episode ten really brought it back. Richee

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