Saturday, 14 July 2018

Legion season 2 - Richee Review

One of the best shows of last year, and arguably the best Marvel show at the moment, got it's second season this year and some how it keeps getting better. Dan Stevens returns as David and he is asked to help his arch-enemy, the man who haunted his subconscious in season one. The Shadow King, Amahl Farouk, who is searching for his body, played by Navid Negahban, is now lurking in Oliver's head, played by the brilliant Jermaine Clement. 

Just from that basic description I'm amusing myself about how bonkers this show is. Lenny is also traveling in Oliver's head as she is being held captive by Amahl. David and his group of super powered buddies join forces with the bizarre group at district 3, with their odd leader and his even odder army of robots, who are women with bowl hair cuts and mustaches. Oh, he also has a child army who are resilient to another mutants powers.

There is also time travel, so yeah, this show has a lot going on but it's so good, they even throw in a filler episode where we see multiple parallel universe versions of David and what his life would be like. Even this episode is awesome. with some brutal uses of David's powers, and we get a scene lifted from A Clockwork Orange, because why not.

So the story is gripping and entertaining with so many twists and turns. The acting is superb, Navid is wonderfully wicked as Amahl, and is great opposite Jermaine Clement. The style and music is damn impressive. There's a fight between David and Amahl where they use creations from there minds to fight. Honestly, I can't gush enough about this show, it is everything this story should be, and I don't even care if they bring in Professor Xavier.

The ending is so good as well, leaving me wanting more now. I can't wait until next year, which I think will see the final season. Final verdict: 9/10; the show keeps getting better. I've stayed away from spoilers because, honestly, you need to see this show if you're a Marvel fan wanting something a bit more peculiar, something out of the ordinary. You can't go wrong with Legion. Richee

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