Monday, 9 July 2018

DVD Roundup - sadism edition

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Red Sparrow caused some controversy when it was first released due to its pretty graphic content. Seeing a ballerina suffer a career ending injury, she goes to the Sparrow School, which teaches its undercover agents sadistic techniques. Worryingly, as much criticism was also placed at its dull pacing, so when Red Sparrow is violent, it's apparently boring. 

A self-styled folk horror film that saw some of its funding from Kickstarter, Dogged tells the story of a man going back home for a funeral only to start digging up some controversy around the girl's death. It looks a little lo-fi, and sounds quite a bit like The Wicker Man, it might be worth a watch if you want to support the independent UK horror scene.

Written, directed and produced by Natalie Dormer and her husband Anthony Bryne, In Darkness sees a blind pianist get caught up in a film noir style caper and, like Red Sparrow, has caught attention for its apparently sadistic sex scenes. While it looks interesting enough, it also seems generic. Maybe wait till its on Netflix.

With more than a passing resemblance to a Ghibli movie, the Chinese made Big Fish and Begonia fuses attractive animation with fantastical storytelling. A girl who transforms into a dolphin goes on an adventure to restore the body of a boy who sacrificed himself to save her. Out of all the films released this week, this is the one I want to watch the most.

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