Monday, 16 July 2018

DVD Roundup: cut-scene edition

This reboot of Tomb Raider, based on the reboot of the game, sees a more realistic looking Lara Croft, played by the excellent Alicia Vikander, traveling to a remote island in Japan to avenge her dead father and solve his lost clues. While it is certainly not a bad film, there is that constant reminder that its based on a game, because it just replays moments from the game. Also, there is a pretty stupid decision made by Lara towards the end of the film that seems almost unforgivable. Either way, listen to our podcast review in the player below.

Hmmm... Gringo. See, the problem with Gringo is that, while it has a likable lead in David Oyelowo, this film pits the ideas of naivety and cynicism against one another, and kind of lets cynicism win. It's a pretty bland, seen-it-all-before kind of film, and disappointingly light on the jokes, it is ultimately an uncomfortable, mean-spirited movie. Listen to our full review in the player below.

Starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair, Mom and Dad is that speculative kind of crazy, where some kids wake up one day to find all the parents hysterical and trying to kill their children. While two hours may seem a bit long for this type of movie, its silly and stars Crazy Cage. What's not to enjoy?

Missing Steven Yeun and his popped out eyeball from The Walking Dead? Well maybe you'll enjoy Mayhem, which sees him star in a zombie Office Space-type film, with his work place get quarantined due to an outbreak of the un-dead. Equally silly looking, this is for the ones that think The Walking Dead has got a bit too slow.

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