Thursday, 28 June 2018

Westworld Season 2 Richee Review

The first season of Westworld was a shock hit for me, it was so good it blew me away. Two years on we get the second season to see what the Hosts can get up too next. Dolores wants to find a way out of this world and take the fight to her creators, Maeve arrives on her search for her daughter, Bernard is trying to piece what the hell is going on together, and the man in black/William is still battling creator Robert Ford in the park while we find out that he has his own little secret project based at Westworld.

Some interesting new characters get introduced: Akecheta, the leader of the ghost nation who has also managed to break his code; Emily, who begins in the Raj, an India-type world with tigers and elephants; and my favorite Shogun World, where Maeve finds not only her own doppelganger but Hector and his crews doppelgangers as samurai's, who do the same heist as Hector with "Paint it Black" in the background. These new characters all brought something shocking or awesome to the show.

Where the show falls down is the time flow, with Bernard's story being all over the place. It's not hard to follow, it just doesn't feel as fluid as what the first season did, and felt kind of forced just because they did it in the first season. Accept for that, my only other complaint is that they didn't use Steven Ogg more. Now he's left The Walking Dead I need somewhere to get my Ogg fix. 

Jimmi Simpson returned as William to explain more of his back story, which was one of the best episodes early on in episode 4, but there is little else for him to do after that unfortunately, meaning I need to get my Jimmi Simpson fix some where else. Fingers crossed he'll return in the next season of Always Sunny.

The story was interesting and well told, all the characters were interesting, even if Emily took a while to get going. The acting was top notch and the special effects were beautiful. I don't feel this season was a good as the first, as that's a tall order, but was still a great show. Final Verdict 8/10. 

What did you think? Do you think the second season lived up to the high standards of the first? Let me know in the comments below. Richee

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