Saturday, 2 June 2018

Pokemon Let's Go - Richee Rants

Well here it is, what we weren't promised, a goddamn remake of Pokemon Yellow incorporating crappy aspects from Pokemon Go. A lot of people don't seem to have a problem with this, a clear money grab by Nintendo, telling us they've got a new Pokemon RPG in the works then releasing this for £40. 

I've seen people praising the graphics, which I think is a tiny step up from what they achieved with their last games on the 3DS, but with the power the Switch has to offer I was disappointed to see they hadn't really pushed the boat out for graphics. Let's talk about what they've changed though; catching Pokemon is no longer an intense battle where you incorporate didn't status effects and special moves to be able to catch the Pokemon you want to catch, nope, instead you just throw the ball, just like Pokemon Go, and, well whoopty-doo, I can spin the ball.

At least, luckily, they've kept the old battle system for the trainer battles. I was hoping they might update this method, maybe making timed moves and showing how long you've got to choose your attack, to build the pressure up rather then just sitting there thinking about whatever move you're gonna use. 

Not only do we get a bare bones remake of one of the original games, with a few aspects of a piss poor mobile game, we also get an awful new controller for the game shaped like a pokeball, which you know for damn sure is gonna be ridiculously over priced, but you can store a Pokemon in it for walkies, and pet the pokeball while it makes Pokemon noises at you. Why not just bring back the pokewalker from the Soul Silver or Heart Gold games, a superior gadget which was awesome at the time.

How could I forget you can bring your Pokemon Go Pokemon into the game with you in some random park where I imagine you can walk around with them and pet them all some nonsense, but will ultimately be a pointless attempt to bring in the Pokemon Go fans to the franchise. 

Maybe I'm just old and bitter to Nintendo's bullshit, but they've got to get called out for their constant remakes and shabby add-on's they keep bringing out. What do you guys think though? Do you disagree with me, thinking it looks like a step in the right direction? Let me know in the comments below. Richee

PS: Pokemon Quest on the Switch is an absolute waste of time and is utter garbage. That is not up for discussion. 

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