Monday, 18 June 2018

DVD Roundup: A Collection of Four Different Romance Films edition

Let's all breath a sigh of relief that this cinematic franchise if now over - phew! That is, unless, they start making the movies from Christian's point of view. Let's really hope they don't. You either like these movies or you don't, so there's no way my opinion is going to change that. So watch it or don't watch it, let's just hope that the market for female-centric erotica takes a more sophisticated turn in the next bunch of movies to jump on the bandwagon. Come on, whose ready for that Story of the Eye adaptation?

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Phantom Thread stars Daniel Day-Lewis as a dress designer who falls in love with a woman, and she becomes his muse and lover. While this kind of story irritates me slightly, with the whole "woman running his life while he's allowed to be a creative genius" bollocks, the fact it stars Day-Lewis and Anderson are great at their craft means this may be a more nuanced story then first implied.

Directed by Claire Denis, and based on Roland Barthes "A Lover's Discourse: Fragments", Let the Sunshine In stars Juliette Binoche as an artist looking for love and sleeping with a bunch of losers, judging by the trailer anyway. While the plot may sound like fluff, Binoche is guaranteed to give us a much more nuanced performance, letting us delve into this character without judging her.

A romance drama that deals with the trepidation of discovering your identity, The Wound follows a Xhosa teenager going through with a coming of age initiation into the mountains, and "sexual hypocrisy" starts to unravel the community taking part in this ritual. Receving some excellent reviews for it's questioning, austere and shocking nature, The Wound looks like an interesting film to look out for.

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