Thursday, 3 May 2018

ROBIN HOOD - first trailer questions

No kid, one second into the new Robin Hood trailer and I'm lamenting to myself. What is this? King's Landing? And whose that? Fucking Eggsy? Why are they all wearing hoodies? Molotov-goddamn-cocktails!? Umm... it's true to say that my hopes for this movie are not very high.

There was more than a heavy whiff of Guy Ritchie's ill-fated King Arthur: Legend of the Sword within the trailer, with all the fast paced action and "edgy" looking characters, suggesting a sad hint of disinterest in its source material. Unsurprisingly, the original script was penned by Joby Harold, who did the script for King Arthur, although it seems like it has since been rewritten by Ben Chandler and David James Kelly, both of whom I can find barely anything about. In the directors chair is Otto Bathurst in his first big screen outing, having previously worked on shows like Black Mirror ("The National Anthem") and Peaky Blinders, so a slight edge of hope in that area.

Despite that, the film looks like a big bunch of nondescript old-timey-ness, making Men in Tights look more historically accurate. What city is this even set in? Surely not Nottingham. It looks like some made-up walled city from Game of Thrones. It is set in England, right? Then there's the clothing, where they have no real effort to look interesting, let alone realistic. Perhaps Taron Edgerton turned up for his audition in a hoodie and they were like, that'll do for the costuming. There's nothing more off-putting then something trying too hard to be cool, dark and edgy.

Ben Mendelsohn dressed more for the Star Wars then medieval England. And what's with those gun like crossbow's?

Then there's the bombastic action. All that ridiculous quick-fire bow and arrow shooting, and the suggestion that Robin is a hardened soldier, despite looking like like he's just come back from his Duke of Edinburgh Award. And why does it look like I'm watching a civil war inside some kind of unfortunate fascist state? Seriously, molotov cocktails? I couldn't find any indication that these were used 150 years ago, let alone 600 (but let me know if it was a thing). 

And who else finds the twinkle sound effect when Robin winks gross and cringe-worthy?

Plot wise, there doesn't seem to be much hinted at. Yes, its suggested that Robin could be a trickster, and even a slightest hint at a meta-myth, with Robin becoming a figurative hero, hidden in the shadows. But really, it was hard to get that on the first watch. This is a spectacle of a film, and it wears its intentions openly.

When I first saw this trailer, I was disappointed because it looked like that horrible cliche of a movie that lingers around nowadays; big-budget, small-time director, over the top, with a bunch of nonsensical visuals and feel-good violence, showing everything and saying nothing. These are the types of films that may encourage people to the cinema, but with no faith as to witness anything good. If anything, people may see this because they are expecting it to be bad. Truly, I hope it isn't, but I do not have hope that it will be. 

Watch the trailer for Robin Hood here.

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