Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Netflix Exclusive CARGO - Richee Review

My mission to watch every zombie film ever made continues with this latest Netflix exclusive, starring Martin Freeman. Minor spoilers ahead, but nothing that isn't in the trailer. The film takes place down under in Australia as a father tries desperately to find someone to take his daughter in after he is bitten by one of the undead. 

The film takes place over 3/4 days and has some really interesting ideas. The film tackles zombies in an different way, as they look manky, leaking slime out of their eyes and mouth, and seem to be more inclined to hibernate then anything else. They only seem to go on attack when they've been disturbed. The human race seems to have protocols in place, with what symptoms to expect and what to do in the dire situation if you are bit, and even a handy watch to count down your ultimate demise.
The film focuses on one mans journey, but also shows other people dealing with loss. Thoomi, played by Simone Landers, is dealing with the loss of her father, still holding out hope her Aborigine tribe can cure him. He also comes across a survivor called Vic, who is trying to ensure his success once things get back to normal. 

Martin Freeman is excellent in the lead role, with a smart character who only gets put in trouble due to his circumstances, and wouldn't be taking such a risk if he wasn't desperate, and tries to keep his humanity through out, trying to be a nice guy in a very shitty situation. The story is interesting but the film is a slow burn, which works in its favor. There wasn't anything I disliked about the film, but nothing that had me leaping out of my seat.

Final verdict is a 6/10: Cargo has some interesting ideas and a good premise but doesn't really do anything mind blowing. Fans of slower, more atmospheric films will enjoy this one. Those zombie action junkies might be found wanting. Richee

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