Sunday, 8 April 2018

Top 5 Moments of NXT Take Over New Orleans

Why do it to yourself, WWE? There's gonna be a point where they just make the NXT guys the main event show, because they keep knocking it out the park, setting that bar far too high for the main roster to match. Hopefully it will propel Wrestlemania on to be an amazing show, but will it be this good? Probably not. Anywho, here's my top 5 moments from last Take Over New Orleans. Warning: major spoilers ahead.

5. The NXT Women's Chamionship between Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler was a solid match, with a very well told story with both women doing everything necessary to get the win. The highlight for me in this match was once Baszler locked in her choke hold, she was unable to use her arm, as she was selling that her arm might have popped out of her shoulder socket, and she had to go full Lethal Weapon and smash it back in against the ring post. Anyway, unable to use her arm to lock it in, Baszler grabbed her own hair from the root to lock in the hold which I thought added a nice brutal touch.
4. The NXT Tag Team Championship/ Dusty Rhodes Cup Triple Threat. Again, another brilliant match. Adam Cole, who had performed earlier, was taken out of the match early being put through the announce table. The striking in this match was superb, with Kyle O'Reilly and Pete Dunn in particular standing out from the pack. The ending of the match seemed a bit screwy to me, as I'm not sure why Roderick Strong would throw the match, with so much on the line, to join the Undisputed Era. I suppose he can claim to be a winner of the match in joining the group, it just felt a bit screwy, but was a nice twist I didn't see coming.

3. The NXT Championship match between Andrade Cian Almas and Aleistar Black. This was a hell of a match with both men looking absolutely superb, hopefully Cian will bring this aggression to the main roster when he's moved up. Both men hit every move in their arsenal, and Selina Vega was at her best with her interfering ways, hitting a lovely spikeorana. It was a miss cue by Selina though which caught Cian out, leading to him taking the black mass kick winning Aleistar Black the NXT Championship.
2. Unsanctioned Match between Johnny Garganno and Tomasso Ciampa. This match was brutal, with multiple sickening spots. With a suplex from the announce table to a power bomb on the concrete, this match was heavy hitting. Ciampa is easily the most hated heel in all of WWE at the moment, not just in NXT, and I'm really hoping they'll gonna push him up into 205 live as the main heel, he would take that show to the next level. It was good to see Garganno winning the match but the heel in me was disappointed to not see the returning Ciampa get the win just to cement himself as the biggest heel there is.

1. The Six Man Ladder Match for the North American Title. They kicked off with this match and I was left gob smacked by it. Ricochet looked absolutely superb, hitting multiple big spots. Lars Sullivan and Killian Dane looked like absolute monsters and had again great spots. Dane also had one lame spot where he got whipped into the ladder, which was propped up on the ring and announce table. It wasn't against anything like the turnbuckle so the impact looked weak when the ladder didn't budge with this three hundred pound man hitting it, but that is the one gripe from an absolutely outstanding match. EC3, a man I'm not a huge fan of, had a great debut delivering and taking some nice moves. Then you have the Velveteen Dream, who easily has the best wardrobe in WWE, and he was superb and who I wanted to win the title, but it wasn't meant to be as Adam Cole had a great night by being in the right place at the right time, pushing the ladder over which Ricochet was on to win the title, but this match was excellent every man in it looked like a star.

So that's my top five moments from NXT Take Over. What do you guys think was the highlight of the show? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading. Richee

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