Tuesday, 3 April 2018

READY PLAYER ONE / ISLE OF DOGS - double bill podcast review out now

We review Ready Player One (with minor spoilers) first. Skip forward to 25:44 for our Isle of Dogs review.

We review two big hitters in the cinema this week. First up is the Steven Spielberg directed adaptation of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, where lonely orphan Wade (Tye Sheridan) fights against waves of references to gain control over all-encompassing VR world, the Oasis. We discuss what the film does right, the original book, and what kind of nostalgia the film is trying to go for. Second up we look at Wes Anderson's latest stop-motion animation Isle of Dogs, where lonely orphan Atari (Koyu Rankin) has to travel across Trash Island to find his long-exiled best friend. As per Anderson's films, there is plenty of admirable style, but is there much substance behind it?

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