Wednesday, 28 March 2018

What I would have done differently - Pacific Rim Uprising

So to say I didn't enjoy Pacific Rim Uprising would be an understatement. First time I saw the trailer I started thinking, what is happening? Plus, I'm an ego-maniac and I believe my ideas are better then the professionals who get paid to write scripts. There will be spoilers for Pacific Rim Uprising.

So firstly, upon seeing the Jaegar vs Jaegar fight scenes, I immediately assumed that after the Kaiju had been defeated people went back to fighting each other, with countries raging war against each other, using Jaegar's as their main weapon now, giving the world a reason to keep Jaegars around after the Kaiju have been defeated. Having these massive robots as weapons of mass destruction, like nukes, would be an interesting development on the first film.

John Boyega's character Jake should be the cousin of Stacker Pentecost rather then son, just to save changing the original story. Keep Amara the same but make Jake an under-achieving Jaegar pilot (not living up to his name), and as the Jaegar driver who catches Amara and her little Jaegar, Scrapper. He pushes for her to get into the Jaegar program, having seen how well she piloted Scrapper, bringing her in as a recruit. Keep Viktoria being salty about it, but have her stay salty till the end, not just buckling after a brief "we're family now" speech. 
I love Newton being the bad guy and I think he should stay as the villain, but rather then building Jaegars mixed with Kaijus, he sabotages the next generation of Jaegars as the old ones are planning to be retired for America. The Precursors don't need Newt to open a portal because they had that portal in the Pacific open for so long, it's not exactly a challenge for them to open a new gate in say ten years or so. Newt is just there to be a nuisance. Kaijus start coming back through the portal, which isn't watched anymore. They start slowly spreading out around the world hitting multiple locations all at once, putting pressure on humanity to pull together and work together again. 

This all happens in the first half of the film, because the film need Kaijus in it earlier then the final fight. Multiple Jaegars are destroyed due to the Kaijus and Newt's sabotaging ways, leading the world to pull together all available Jaegars, no matter what generation. This brings Mako back as a retired pilot to join Jake, and Amara and Nate as Jaegar pilots. Viktoria also gets promoted because I hate the cliche of rookies helping out to safe the day, with her and a handful of other recruits getting pushed into active duty, along with some older retired pilots like Mako, and bring bak Max Martini as Herc. 
With a handful of pilots and some old school Jaegars in tow, they fight off the Kaiju menace for now. Having a category five one causes lots of damage and kills Viktoria, who gives her life to safe Amara and have Mako maybe self-destruct her Jaegar to kill the nasty Kaiju. Newt is captured, knowing that the Precursors will never stop until they wipe out the human race. 

I feel that these changes sort out the issues that the sequel introduce, especially at the end, as with Newt defeated, the Kaiju can't get to Earth, so why go after them? Showing that the Precursors can make another portal themselves make them more of an issue. Ditch the Jake/Nate conflict and have them be friends who support each other, as you only need one shitty human conflict. Also, make Jules Reyes a more involved side character, so the love triangle doesn't feel as out of nowhere, which it is in the film. Maybe have her be Nate's ex who Jake fancies but she doesn't want a relationship while war rages. 

Jinhai is another character that needs more screen time, maybe as Amara's love interest. We can get this by ditching the scene where the recruits break into the evil Jaegar, getting Amara kicked out, as that scene was completely pointless, along with most of the scenes in the sequel. What I'm saying is, more good action scenes less boring human conflict. The conflict between Amara and Viktoria, along with the rivalry for Jules that Jake and Nate have, would be more then enough. Richee


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