Tuesday, 20 March 2018

TOMB RAIDER / ANNIHILATION - double bill podcast review out now

We review Tomb Raider first in this podcast. Our Annihilation review starts at 18:43.

First up we review Roar Uthaug's adaptation of the reboot of the classic game. With Alicia Vikander taking on the iconic role, we look at how Tomb Raider updates this franchise, whether it breaks out of the tropes associated with adapting video games, and we wonder if Lara Croft has got any smarter. Secondly we review the "too smart for the cinema" Netflix exclusive Annihilation, directed by Alex Garland and based on the novel by James VanderMeer. Starring Natalie Portman as a wife whose long dead husband turns up alive, she has to delve in a mysterious alien "shimmer" to find out what happened to him. With beautiful and terrifying visuals, we look into the themes and layers of this dream-like thriller.

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