Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Pokemon The Movie: I CHOOSE YOU! (2017) - review

This film came out late in 2017, restarting the first Pokemon adventure with Ash Ketchum, from Ash getting his first Pokemon Pikachu, up until his big confrontation with the legendary Pokemon Ho-oh. The film takes some stories from the original series, but adapts them for this story, like how he meets Charmander, who has been abandoned by his trainer. Rather then being a throw away character though, this time around Charmander trainer is the main antagonist Cross.

Ash isn't joined by his usual gang of cool guys Misty and Brock, but a couple of copy cat characters Verity and Sorrel, and they meet up trying to catch the legendary Pokemon Entei. All the legendary dogs make an appearance in the movie. They go where Ho-oh goes apparently, even though the film takes place in Kanto and not Johto. They also bring in Pokemon from every generation, from Piplup to some of the latest Pokemon from Alola, including Lycanroc and Incineroar.

The story is interesting and takes some interesting turns. I liked the tale Sorrel tells about his Luxray, it actually had heart. Ash has slowly been annoying me since the series continued and he is infuriatingly stupid in this film. At least this is when he was a novice so he wouldn't know better, but it still frustrates me when he doesn't use an electric type move against a water type Pokemon. Maybe it's because I take it a bit too seriously.

Team Rocket pointlessly show up multiple times for no other reason then to "blast of again". Just like Ash being stupid, I can no longer deal with Team Rocket, they're so inept and useless they just bore me as they bring nothing to the film. Also, no one seems to rock six Pokemon in their team, opting for three at max. Ash only uses three, Cross uses two and Verity and Sorrel rock with only one. I want to see more Pokemon options, dammit.

I'm currently playing through Pokemon Crystal and using Arbok so it was good to see him pop up to tangle with Charizard. Quick side note, my Arbok is kicking ass with attract, glare and headbutt, just wrecking everyone without getting hit. Back to the film, I think I'm too old to enjoy it as much as I use to. I'm 33, dammit! I'm too cynical and bitter to get teary eyed at Pikachu telling Ash he always wants to be with him, which is Ash having a hallucination after getting beaten up. He is clearly delirious.

I think I'm done with Pokemon movies now. This was an interesting take on the original story and gave me the nostalgia feels, but all in all I'm gonna give this film a very average 5/10. I feel for a new generation of kids it will be a good starting point, the animation looks more polished but keeps the original feel, but for those long time fans we have to admit we're too old for the films (but not for the games mind you, they're great). Did you check out the movie? They me know in the comment. Also, I can't miss a chance to plug my own Pokemon adventures so check them out too. 

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