Thursday, 22 March 2018

Mobile Madness - PlayersUnknown's Battleground / Magikarp Jump - Richee Reviews

PlayerUnknown's Battleground, or PUBG if you prefer, has come out on mobile this week, currently in its beta phase. I wasn't going to bother as I was doubtful the game would live up to the current version on the PC, and hearing bad things about the Xbox version, I thought surely it won't be any good but I ended up downloading it anyway and having quite a bit of fun with it. The controls work well for a mobile game, aiming down the sights is slow going and I found firing from the hip to be a lot more effective.

Out of the six games I've played, only one has bugged out on me. When I figured out how to sprint the game started to freeze over and over again to my team mates annoyance, I imagine, as I kept flicking between what was currently happening and the earlier frozen screen shot. The game looks good, but I have it on the lowest setting so I imagine having it on a good phone must be really smooth. I'd recommend giving it a go, it's a fun little time filler. It does drain your battery pretty quick though, and games can go on for up to twenty minutes, so make sure you don't have to be anywhere when starting a game.

There has been reports of the game filling itself up with bot players, but if this is true or not I have no idea. I have gone up against some pretty bad players while playing, and I'm awful, so they could be mindless bots, who knows. I think this is one of the best adaptions from PC/console to mobile. Final rating is a solid 8/10, it's a really good game which I think I'm going to get hooked on.
Speaking about a game that isn't worth your time is Magikarp Jump. Of course I gave it a go, it's Pokemon. What I found was a very shallow gaming experience, adding up to nothing more then a pushing a button when prompted. Feed your Magikarp, tap on the fruits, train your Magikarp, tap on one of the two pointless exercises. Competing in the contest is a single tap on the jump button, and if you've eaten enough berries or trained enough depends if you'll win. There is literally no skill to this game.

The graphics for the Pokemon is great. The trainers are generic looking characters with the least a mount of effort put in possible. The grind for coins to decorate your little pond is ridiculous, but don't worry, you could always buy some coins. This is the Pokemon company at their most scummiest. I played this game three times before I got all there was to get out of it. I'd advise against playing this or letting your kids play it, it's a shameless cash grab. Final rating is a dismal 2/10, the only reason it isn't getting a 1 is because it looks good, other then that this game is a waste of time. Richee

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