Friday, 16 March 2018

Jessica Jones season 2 - Richee Netflix Review

I've been looking forward to the second series of Jessica Jones since the first season blew me away. Wondering how they were gonna top the intrigue and brutality of the first season, I dived into season two hoping for more of the same. The first episode just dumps everything that is going on after the Defenders on you. Jess is back following cheating spouses, Trish wants Jess to dig up her past, Jess has a new superintendent, the Whizzer, another super powered human created like Jess, is being hunted, Jeri has ALS, another private investigator wants to buy out Alias, and Jess seeks out what happened to her after the Whizzer is killed. That's all in the first episode.

The huge info-dump could of taken place over multiple episodes, as the next few episodes are really boring. I discovered something about the second season of Jessica Jones and that is I hate every one of the side characters. They're all assholes, especially Trish, who in my opinion is the villain of this series, as every one of her actions is to benefit her. She is manipulative and selfish, and why Jess would want to protect her or keep her in her life is beyond me. We find out half way through the series that Jess' mother survived the car crash that killed her family thanks to the same procedure that happened to her, but it had some negative side effects.

Everything with Jeri I just didn't care about. She gets lumbered with a side character named Inez who is a nasty character, but which turns into a relationship, because everyone has to get it on in this series. That is another thing that did my head in, every single character is just overly horny and just use sex to manipulate or deceive. All the plot points just seem so convenient as well. If the new superintendent wasn't a expert forger, life would have been so much harder for Jess in this series. The one highlight to this series was episode 11 where Kilgrave comes back as a figment of Jess' imagination. After she does something bad, she is also exhausted having not slept for a while and Kilgrave is there to twist the knife, trying to get her to be the murderer he knows she can be.

This episode highlighted how badly this season needed a good villain. With it lacking that and great side characters like Luke Cage this series was just boring. This season really disappointed me, expecting the worst from the first series to have it be my favourite of the Netflix shows to expecting too much from season 2 and getting let down. Final rating is a 5/10: it's distinctly average. Krysten Ritter is excellent as Jessica Jones and Janet McTeer is good as her mother, considering the complexity of their relationship, but the rest of the side stories took away from the series as a whole. Richee

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