Saturday, 31 March 2018

Game Over, Man (2018)- Richee Review

What is it with Netflix struggling to make quality comedies? First we had the terrible Adam Sandler exclusives, now we have Game Over, Man. This film was made by the creative minds behind Workaholics, a highly praised comedy show, now given free rein over a feature length movie, maaking a comedy in the vein of Die Hard.

Three down-on-their-luck maids have a chance to pitch an idea to a millionaire playboy. After pitching the idea, the millionaire seems interested and cuts them a cheque, but the success is short lived as there manager takes the cheque off them and fires them. Instead of leaving, they go back to the party to get what they deserve, only to see the manager getting his penis cut off, and the guests being taken hostage. They then come up with a plan to save the Bay of Tunisia, the millionaire playboy, while being hunted down by the terrorists. 
I know this film isn't great, but it did make me chuckle at points. Yes, there is a ton of penis jokes, and its the lowest form of comedy. It knows what it is though and just goes silly with it, very silly in points actually. There's a host of cameo's from Steve-o, Joel McHale, Donald Faison and even Shaggy. Daniel Stern plays the manager of the hotel, a crass and misogynistic ass who gets his comeuppance when he loses his pecker. The film has a small twist half way through, which I didn't see coming, but it's nothing that hasn't been done before. 

The three leads are a different bag. Alexxx is an absolutely selfish douche bag, Darren is a drug addict and Joel is a closet homosexual who fully embraces his sexuality towards the end of the film. They're all very flawed characters, with at least Darren and Joel being likeable, but Alexxx, as you can guess with his name, is a complete dick who creates more problems for his friends then he actually helps, until he realises again near the end of the film what a dick he is.
The supporting cast are okay. Chris Pontius pops up on a news show which gave me a chuckle. All in all, don't go in expecting anything and you might be pleasantly surprised. It's stupid, it's crass, but at least it's entertaining through out. Verdict 4/10, it should, and could, be better then it is, but I've seen worse on Netflix.

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