Monday, 12 March 2018

DVD Roundup: "It's quite nice being a bin" edition

While the first Paddington was (of course) delightful, Paddington 2 didn't rest on its laurels. Truly, this is one of those sequels that is better then the original. Nicole Kidman's somewhat cliched villain is replaced with Hugh Grant as a man on a hunt for a books Paddington wants. Quite possibly the best acting Hugh Grant has ever committed to screen (and make sure to stick through the credits). With a tight script, great jokes and wonderful imagery, Paddington 2 is even more fun then first film. Listen to our full podcast review in the player below.

From Tron: Legacy and Oblivion's Joseph Kosinski, Only the Brave looks at the heroics of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite crew of firefighters who battle the worst wildfires, and the tragedy of the Yarnell Hill fire which saw 19 of the 20 firefighters die. Clearly, the film is going to be emotional and respectful to their memories, but in this element may provide little surprises for the audience in how the story will be told.

Featuring some of the realism that Sean Baker went for in his previous film Tangerine, The Florida Project takes a look at poverty in America through the eyes of a child. Still excitable at life, young Moonee lives in a motel under the shadow of Disneyland and sees her mother delve to dangerous means to provide for them, as well as experiencing Willem Dafoe as her landlord.

First released in Japan in 2016, Re:Born stars Tak Sakaguchi stars as a former special ops who just can't stop being violent. Using a technique called zero range combat, expect a lot of well choreographed fighting in order to get brutal revenge.

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