Monday, 26 March 2018

DVD Roundup: "I eat a lot of snacks to fill this black hole. I'm a snack hole!" edition

There was much hype for the Justice League movie, much anticipation and worry, and many unhelpful comparisons to Marvel's Avengers, which, lets be honest, it was trying to at least match up to. What we received was an unfortunate mess of a movie, trying to be all things to all people, and only really scraping the surface of what it was capable of. A troubled production didn't help, and a loving fanbase cooed too much over their underachieving child. A lamentable film, but one that hopefully learn from its mistakes. Listen to our full review in the player below.

Woe Britannia. Curse this horrid show. Esus flail them, Toutatis banish them, and Taranis strike them down with terrible thunder. Season one of this ersatz Thrones was a cynical and expedient lesson in terrible writing, with only shimmers of promise that quickly dissipated into trite and convenient storytelling. With the identity crisis that the UK has found itself into, Britannia could of been a sly examination of our messy cultural heritage, but it didn't even have the stamina for that. Woe betide this wretched show! Read Layla's full review here.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Aubrey Plaza. She manages to encapsulate that sexy self-assurance that doesn't suffer fools, but is easily, and willingly, able to turn frightening at will. Ingrid Goes West didn't get much of a wide release, but now its out on DVD we may get to bask in her sultry-rottenness. Plaza plays a down on her luck type that traverses to the west-coast to stalk and befriend her Instagram crush, played by Elizabeth Olsen. Obviously its going to go to some dark places, and that's just how I like my comedies.

A fictionalised account of the infamous 1973 show-match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, Battle of the Sexes looks to be a crowd pleasing account of misogyny and pride verses equal rights and self-acceptance. Emma Stone and Steve Carrell are both very watchable actors, so you can at least expect some subtlety to their nuanced characters. It's a real shame that I find tennis super boring.

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