Saturday, 24 February 2018

Let Me Make You a Martyr (2016) - Richee Review

It's been over two years since I pledged to this film on Kickstarter and I finally got round to watching it this morning. Starring Niko Nicotera as Drew Glass and Sam Quartin as his sister June, the film was highlighted as having Marilyn Manson in a lead role as Pope, a hitman hunting down Drew. 

So the story, as far as I could make out, follows Drew as he comes back to his old town to take revenge on his abusive step father, played by the usually solid Mark Boone Junior, and to reconnect with his lover/sister June (they're adopted so it's okay). When his father finds out about Drew's return though he heads off to enlist local assassin Pope to kill his son. 
The first thing to bother me about this film is the over use of dialogue. From the first scene to the last the dialogue is constant and bad. I felt like they were maybe aiming for a Tarantino-style script, but unfortunately it wasn't witty or clever but mostly insufferable. The next issue is skimming over parts of the story. For example, Drew meets up with an old friend when he returns who wants to kill him to pay off a debt he owes. Instead of getting any interesting scene where this plays out, the three characters park in a field the film cuts to another scene before returning to this scene with one man dead and Drew now with the gun on his friend. This happens for every possible action scene.

The acting is poor across the board. In fact, Manson was probably the strongest actor playing a very poor-man's Anton Chigurh. The story is told by way of an interrogation with Drew and the police, telling his story and cutting back and fourth to what happened, him talking about why he did what he did, making the film feel a lot longer then it is. The kicker is when you realize the two main characters, the lovers, spend a little over eight minutes of screen time together and that's it. The whole basis of the film feels shallow.
If you're looking for a dialogue heavy film, with some pretty crap dialogue through out, this could be the film for you. The story gets a little bit convoluted towards the end, but it's not a good thing. I'd like to say this is the worse Kickstarter I've pledged too, but one of them just ran away with my money, so at least I got this film eventually. Final verdict is a 2/10: this was a boring boring film, which I wouldn't recommend to anybody. Even the most die hard Manson fan should stay away from this. Richee

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