Thursday, 8 February 2018

A FUTILE AND STUPID GESTURE (2018) - Richee Review

Another day another Netflix original. An all star cast tells the story of Doug Kenney (Will Forte), one half of the creators of the National Lampoon Magazine, radio show and who started the films franchise that the National Lampoon is known for, and is still going strong today.

A Futile and Stupid Gesture follows the life of Kenney through his ups and downs. Starting in his college years and meeting his best friend and co-creator of the magazine, Henry Beard (Domhnall Gleeson). As Doug struggles to figure out his future, he talks Henry into starting up a magazine like the magazine they had at Harvard, the Harvard Lampoon, changing the title to the National Lampoon, starting one of the most successful entertainment brands in history. 
Of course, with great success comes a lot of pressure. This leads to a lot of ups and downs for Doug, as the more the business grows the more hours he sinks into it. He starts doing drugs to keep himself active, which ultimately leads to more problems. 

I didn't actually know the story of Doug Kenney or how the National Lampoon got started, so I was expecting a fun comedy. In the end you get quite a dramatic film about a creator who pushed himself too far, losing just as much as he gained, really showing that not even money or success can bring you happiness. 

This film was a ride of emotions which were highlighted quite well. Netflix seems to be going from strength to strength with their films, and this was an interesting story with a brilliant cast. I have mixed feelings about this though, because I was expecting a comedy. So if you want a more dramatic comedy, check this one out, or, if like me, you wanted to find out how National Lampoon started, check it out but just don't expect a fun time through out. Final rating 6/10. Richee

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