Friday, 26 January 2018

Goosebumps (2015) - Review

Carrying on my Jack Black-a-thon, I finally got round to watching Goosebumps. Having been a fan of the books as a young whipper snapper, I kinda wanted to watch this 2015 film but never got round to it, until now of course. The film also stars Dylan Minnette before he starred in 13 Reasons Why and Odeya Rush, who's an unknown to me but she has a cool name, so yeah.

The story follows Zach (Minnette) moving to a new city with his mother. Having moved into a very nice house he meets his new neighbours, Hannah (Rush), a girl his own age in need of some friends, and her father (Black), an overly intense guy who tells Zach to stay away from his daughter, himself and his property. When Zach hangs out with Hannah her father is left angry, making Zach think she may be in trouble. Getting the father out the house, Zach breaks in with his new friend Champ to make sure Hannah is okay. They find Hannah and a whole bunch of original copies of the Goosebump stories.
They open up one of the books, releasing The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena who goes on a wrecking spree through the city. Chasing him down, the group of kids is saved by Hannah's father who is revealed to be R.L Stine himself. Upon getting home the group find out the snowman, who had broken the book shelf, had released the devious dummy Slappy who carries on the destruction of the city releasing all the monsters Stine had written about.
This one was a mixed bag for me and I feel I should have enjoyed it more then I did. The first half an hour of the film was very slow in introducing the characters and back story, once the film gets going though it's fine. Champ is more annoying then endearing as the nerdy sidekick. Jillian Bell, who played Zach's aunt, was another forced comedic character who felt unneeded. But the lead cast are all solid. Jack Black pulls double duty as both Stine and Slappy, who I believe was the only monster not to be CGI which was a shame... well, him and the zombies that is... oh and the clown... there was still too much CGI though.
All in all I didn't mind the film but it left me wanting. The ending was also bittersweet as they go for the lame "happy ending" rather then having the characters get over a certain missing aspect of there lives, but then have a nice twist right at the end. Final rating is a 5/10 it's an average film, kids will enjoy it more then adults, but there are far better films out there especially with Jack Black in them. Richee

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