Monday, 8 January 2018

DVD Roundup: Real life horror edition

The events that take place in Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit happened in 1967, and its a sad state of affairs we live in that our present mirrors the past. Based on the infamous riots, the film has been marked out for being distressingly violent, and has been noticed by some to be made by "white creatives who do not understand the weight of the images they hone in on with an unflinching gaze". While the film does have problems of tone, coming across more like a horror film in parts, Detroit still deserves a watch.

One of my favourite horror films is Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the original Tobe Hooper one, and part of the reason why its so successful is that it doesn't try and over analyse its bad guy. Yes, you see his terror, his worry, and hints at a backstory, but that's all you need. Leatherface, a new prequel to the now ever expanding Chainsaw universe, tries to give some back story to the killer, but just looks dumb and, worst of all, completely unnecessary.

With not much of a cinema release, Good Time slipped under most peoples radar, but now that its out on DVD we'll get to see what has been heralded as one of Robert Pattinson's best performances. Starring as a bank robber whose heist goes wrong, Pattison's Connie has a mental breakdown as he runs around the city trying to find ways to free his brother and accomplice out of jail. With high scoring from critics, Good Time looks like a good one to keep an eye out for.

While initially released in 2016, Una finally sees its DVD release this week. Starring Rooney Mara as a young woman who visits unexpectedly a man she shares a dark past with, Una has been noticed for being an uncomfortable story, if only flawed by its obtrusive flourishes in its cinematography. 

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