Monday, 15 January 2018

DVD Roundup: "I'll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fear" edition

Who'd of thought that one of the most successful films of last year would be a horror film? Well, its hardly surprising when its a Stephen King adaptation, and its one of his most popular books, and the film rides that popularist wave of nostalgia. While not the scariest film, and with maybe just a little bit too much 80s head-nods, It is still breath of fresh air within the horror cannon, and quite possibly the biggest highlight of last summer. Listen to our podcast review in the podcast review.

There's something so tiring about even reading the synopsis of American Assassin. Its such a standard formula of young buck taken under the wing of an older man, who have to save the world from terrorists. Just, eh... I'm sure its fine, it just sounds so boring.

Last years The Witch, A Ghost Story is one of those films that makes it look like a horror film, but its really not. Maybe eerie, maybe a bit freaky, but not scary in the way that It is trying to be scary. Following a couple who go through a terrible loss, the film has divided audiences, but there is an intriguing aspect to the film involving the omnipotent awesomeness of the universe, that still keeps me interested.

A satire looking into Zambian witchcraft, I Am Not a Witch focuses on an 8 year girl convicted of witchcraft and sent away to a desert camp. With hints of tragicomedy, magical realism and with the same cinematographer that worked on Embrace of the Serpent, I Am Not a Witch looks to be a fascinating watch.

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