Monday, 29 January 2018

DVD Roundup: Gross tracking device edition

While the first Kingsman movie had its moments, The Golden Circle was just a rehash and wasted opportunity. Eggsy doesn't change or grow as a person, and the bad guy is a shallow comment on the illegal drug trade. Ergh, and then there's that awful scene with the god-damn finger condom that can only be implanted in one way, and makes less and less sense the more you think of it. I am not a fan of these films, but I know a lot of people are. If we do get another film, can we please have Eggsy show a little weakness that isn't completely contrived. Listen to our full podcast review in the player below.

Winning a tonne of awards, Francis Lee's debut God's Own Country takes place on a Yorkshire farm and its unhappy farmer, whose desperation leads to binge drinking and casual sex. However, when a Romanian migrant turns up for work, he manages to help him steer into the right path. Praised for its naturalism and tenderness, God's Own Country seems to be a great debut for a promising director.

Another highly praised debut, Maysaloun Hamoud's In Between sees three Palestinian women living together in Tel Aviv, trying to balance their own lifestyles against a traditionally patriarchal society. Described as "bittersweet" by Mark Kermode, In Between has been highly praised by critics, but Hamound has had to deal with a fatwa and the film declared haram by the mayor of Umm al-Fahm.

Starring Peter Dinklage and the late Anton Yelchin, Rememory wonders into that familiar sci-fi territory of investigating a dead persons memories via a device that has some how recorded it. Add in some cop drama sleuthing and you have a film that is just, well, meh. Never going too far into either genre, and somewhat heavy handed with its tone, Rememory never seems to strive for the heights that it so fancies.

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