Saturday, 23 December 2017

The Inhumans - Richee Review

Well I did it. One of the most critically slammed shows of the year that I just had to watch. Being a fan of all things Marvel I thought this show can't be as bad as everyone says. I know very little about the Inhumans as a whole. I know Black Bolt is the leader and a member of the Illuminati in the Marvel Comic Universe, and that his ability is one of the most powerful there is. The story is a bit out there with them living on the moon, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Some spoilers ahead.

So the story follows Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans, and his fellow royal family members. As they're forced to flee their home Attilan, on the Moon, after a military coup by Black Bolts brother Maximus. While on earth the group are scattered and need to find each other. While Maximus sends his guards searching for the royal family, the royal family find friendship in the humans they distrusted so much. Until, that is, the group can figure out away to take back Attilan. 

So I don't know where to start with this series. There is a lot of problems. I suppose the poor special effects would be the easiest place to start, from Medusa's terrible looking hair, to every poor explosion effects. Follow that up with the poor choreography in most of the fight scenes. Then follow that up with some pretty atrocious acting and you have a list of problems before even getting into the biggest issue with this show.
That is the story. Oh boy, was this some cliche, boring garbage. First off, making your super hero group some what bigoted, thinking they are better then humanity because of their powers, and making Maximus the outcast because he had no powers. They even have a caste system where those without powers are forced to work in the mines. So yeah, that's the royal family of Attilan, which had me routing for Maximus through out the show as he wanted to abolish the caste system. Through out the show they have characters make snarky remarks about the plot, which seems stupid. Pointing out the sillier aspects of the show, why do that?

The main cast are horrible too. Medusa the queen is so unlikeable through the whole series, just bossing people around, stealing from people and being an unlikeable bitch. Karnak, played by usually solid actor Ken Leung, is dragged down by the shitty script, having a hero with a great ability but who decides not to use it at a time when you would use it, then ends up losing it. He then ends up in a side plot I'd expect from a shitty day time soap, as he ends up with hippies growing weed, and falling in love with one of them.
Then you have Gorgon, a character with hoofs, some what like a faun, with the power to shake the very earth with a stomp. They can even barely be arsed to animate or even use special effects for this feature giving him boots (where the hell do you get boots for hoofs? come on you lazy fucks), and who ends up meeting surfer dudes that help him in a fight against some of the royal guard sent after him. He gets killed off in one of the later episodes for a big shock then is resurrected the next in a very unsurprising way. Crystal is just plain awful. Mind you, her plot does introduce probably one of the best acted characters in the show in Audrey, played by Liv Hewson, in another cringe-worthy storyline, but is then made out to be the bad guy for phoning the police on the arrogant bitch who tried to set her on fire.

Black Bolt is portrayed well up until the final episode where they completely forget about how his power works. But yeah, I don't know how they could have done a mute character any better. Maximus played by Iwan "I'm so much better then this shit" Rheon, starts of as the likeable villain until you find out he just wants to be like the Inhumans and is just a bit of a whiny, paranoid bitch. 

This show is awful. It is painfully boring and cliched with very little to nothing going for it. I can usually power through even the shittiest of shows, but I couldn't watch more then two of these episodes at a time. I'd advise no one to watch this show. Go watch Legion, or one of the Netflix shows, hell even Iron Fist is better then this. Final Verdict 1/10. That's right, a one. This show pissed me off with how bad it is. If I wasn't reviewing it I don't think I would have watched past the first episode. This is the worst Marvel will ever have to offer and that includes the awful Bryan Singer X-Men films. Richee 


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