Saturday, 30 December 2017

The Foreigner (2017) Review

The Foreigner came out earlier on this year with Jackie Chan taking on a more serious role then what he is known for, and the film peaked my interest because of this. The film also features Pierce Brosnan and Michael McElhatton, who has been doing the rounds as of late. The film is out on Netflix now so I thought I'd check it out.

The film follows Quan (Jackie Chan), a grieving father looking for the terrorists who killed his daughter in a bomb attack, believing Liam (Pierce Brosnan), a political representative with former ties to the IRA knows more then he is letting on. Quan goes on the offensive, setting bombs of his own to threaten Liam to give up what he knows or force him to find out who this new group is. The British government have also got involved having been attacked by this radical group.
This film is a well paced action thriller, with some excellent fight set pieces by Jackie. The bleak story doesn't really focus on the terrorist group, they're there but the film tackles Quan and his attack on Liam and his group of heavies, hiding out in the woods and implementing traps to take out Liam's goons, while the counter terrorism unit and the British politicians try to work with Liam in finding those responsible. 

I enjoyed the film, and it has a good story and complex characters. It gets increasingly morose though as you find out more about each character. This one is hard to talk about with out giving away any spoilers. If you're after a revenge thriller, with some entertaining fights, check this one out. There's also a really brutal pit trap which made me winch. Final verdict 7/10. Richee

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