Thursday, 21 December 2017

El Camino Christmas (2017) - A Netflix Original

Time to review our one annual Christmas film of the month, and this one is a Netflix exclusive so I had little hope for it going in. That was until I saw Vincent D'Onofrio, which instantly peaked my interest, along with a decent supporting cast of Dax Shepard, Jessica Alba and Tim Allen. Luke Grimes stars as Eric Roth and he has no real right being as good as he is, having been in the god awful Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. 

The story follows Eric as he comes to the sleepy town of El Camino in search of his father. After running into an old drunk who happens to leave his weed in Eric's car, Eric is picked up by the policemen Carl, the bitter arsehole played by D'Onofrio, and Billy, the dim witted Dax Shepard. After Carl roughs Eric up, Billy realises the trouble they could get in, so he lets Eric go free while Carl is out, only for Carl to spot Eric fleeing the scene and gives chase, ending up with Eric taking Carl and others hostage in a liquor store. 
The story is very simplistic but works well with the low running time of one and a half hours. It wasn't as funny as I was expecting though. Dax gets a few chuckles as a bumbling cop but Tim Allen plays his role as a drunkard pretty straight. Luke Grimes is good as Eric, a nice guy stuck in a grim situation, and D'Onofrio is awesome as Carl, who is a dick throughout the film. 

So all in all you have a very competent film with a neat little story, with well acted characters across the board. Some of the decision making by the characters is a bit stupid but played for laughs. My biggest issue with the film is the first scene, as they open the film in the final act after a brief shoot out. It doesn't take anything from the story but it also doesn't add to it. The film also takes a while to get going but it's alright when it does. Final verdict is a 6/10: a quick watch for Christmas if you're not a fan of the more traditional Christmas movie. Richee

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