Friday, 29 December 2017

Bright (2017) - Netflix Review

Netflix are at it again throwing more money into a exclusive film. This time we see director David Ayer, brought in after the extremely poor Suicide Squad, along with the star of said film, Will Smith, as well. Joel Edgerton takes up the big name co-star role. The film sees a fantasy world in present day as Humans live side by side with Elves and Orcs. Other fantasy creatures appear in the film, but it doesn't go into too much depth as to how wild they could truly go with it. 

The film follows Will Smith as reluctant cop Daryl Ward going back into work after he was shot in the line of duty. He is reluctant mostly about his partner Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), who is the first Orc cop ever, and is hated by the Humans for being an Orc, who as a race aligned themselves with a Dark Lord two thousand years ago in a losing war. The Orcs hate Nick also for not being part of a clan and not being "blooded", an Orc tradition of honour. As the two go through their day they stumble across a Bright (which is a name for a magic user) who has a wand in her possession. As the cops and gangs find out they go after the three to get hold of this wand, while the owner of the wand, an evil Elf who wants to bring back the Dark Lord, is also in hot pursuit. The two cops have to put their differences to aside to help defend the world from darkness.

This film has had a pretty poor reception since release and I can see why, as the story kinda falls apart half way through as the film and just turns into action set piece after action set piece. Plus, it's hard to worry about any of the characters when they have power over an item which is so powerful, so when something does happen you kinda know it's not important, even if they do play it off as a somewhat religious re-birth. The other part of the film I had issues with was the Orc prosthetics: they looked like Orcs, but none of them really expressed any kind of facial emotion. The film has Nick do some faces but they're only miner facial movements, and later on when we meet a big bad Orc mob boss, his lack of facial expressions really sticks out.

On to the things I liked. The world I found really interesting and I would have enjoyed a bit more of what other mythical creatures could be in the film. I think I would have liked the film to have some more magical weapons rather then just traditional guns, but they didn't. There is an action scene in a gas station between our three heroes and the three evil Elves which I thought was very well choreographed, and was a really great action set piece. I also enjoyed the acting, and I thought Will Smith was better then he's been recently. Even with a lack of expressions Joel Edgerton was good as Nick, and the film does well to portray how poorly the Orc race is treated.
I feel the film had plenty of missed opportunities to be so much better then it was. I wouldn't say I disliked the film, I just think it needed more story. We have some federal agents introduced who don't really do anything, and a few decisions from our wand wielding heroes seems a bit pointless at the time. All in all I found the film interesting yet empty, I enjoyed it for what it was but still expect more from this line up. Final Rating 5/10: it's an average film, but one with promise and they apparently have a sequel in the works, so I'm interested in seeing where the story leads.

Have you seen Bright? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. Would be interested in what others thought about this film. Richee

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  1. I think you absolutely nailed it. It was a fairly vanilla flavoured movie in the end. Nice taste, to extend the metaphor, but still just vanilla.