Wednesday, 29 November 2017

What Richee Wants for Pokemon RPG on the Switch

I do love me some Pokemon and come 2018 hopefully we'll all be playing Pokemon on the Switch. With the game getting new life on a new platform, here are a few things I'd love to see in the upcoming adventure. Before we get started though I'm hoping they'll keep the same concept as they do in the current games series: collecting badges and catching 'mon, doesn't get much better then that.

The first thing I'd want is all the bloody Pokemon to say their own names, or the random noises some of them make. It can't be that difficult to program it into the game. Secondly, staying with the Pokemon, the ability to walk around with one of your team members was awesome in Silver and Gold, that it boggles the mind that they didn't keep it in the later games.
Getting onto the serious side of things now, the gameplay needs an overhaul. The turn based gameplay is awesome but dated now, maybe a quicker more fluid system can be put in place, perhaps make the turn timers reduced and get rid of the crappy Z moves. They're over powered and painfully long to sit through, so much so the second and third time playing through Sun and Moon I didn't even use them. While we're on the subject, ditch mega evolutions as well. It always felt tacked on for my liking, but I'm very much a traditionalist.

The story is something the series has been dragging it's feet on for the longest time, having the same formulaic routine through out the years. Start as a new trainer, have a rival, collect badges, fight an evil corporation then win the Pokemon League. Ditching the villainous group from the main story could be a start. Every team gets tedious after a while with the same Pokemon for all the members, and they rarely set up much of a challenge and are usually just minor distractions throughout the games.
To revitalise the story with the rivals at least having the game be multiplayer would be the best thing they could do. Having three trainers online going through the world at the same time would be awesome. If not on line then a two player split screen game would be just as fun - whooping Layla at Pokemon would be super fun.

One thing I'd keep from the Pokemon Sun and Moon is the ability to pat and brush your Pokemon, to raise their affection, maybe link it in with the ability to walk around with your Pokemon. I'd change it that it wouldn't cure your Pokemon of any ailment though, as that function really took the effect of those moves out of the game. On a personnel level I'd love to see the Safari Zone make a welcome return, and also a competition like the bug catching contest they had in Gold and Silver (man I love those games).
As I sit here wondering what I want from the new game, I realise I want to get rid of a lot of the new gimmicks and make it more like the old games, namely Gold and Silver. Finally the game needs a good continuation (like another game I've mentioned once or twice), the ability to travel to a new land and take on a whole new set of gym leaders. Hell, with it being on the Switch, why not have 3 separate islands to choose from at the start, and have the game level with you keeping it a constant challenge. What do you guys think? What aspect of the games would you change, or is there something you would add? Let us know in the comments below. Richee

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