Saturday, 25 November 2017

The Punisher - Richee Netlix Review

The highly anticipated (well for me anyway) first season of The Punisher came out on the 17th November, and the trailer dropped with some Metallica to get me all excited. After the disappointment of both Iron Fist and The Defenders my hope wasn't dented as The Punisher was easily the best part of season 2 of Daredevil, but how would he do striving out on his own? SPOILERS AHEAD!

The first season is a very much origin story for The Punisher. Following him in New York after the incident with Daredevil, Frank is just finishing up with the killers of his family (that he knows about), and tries to get on with his life as a builder. That is until he gets dragged back into murdering scum bags he is spotted by a spook called Micro, and is brought on board to help Micro clear his name and find the man truly responsible for Frank's family's death. Frank's past comes back to haunt him, as a new member of Homeland comes back to investigate the suspicious death of an innocent man in Afghanistan that Frank's group may have been apart of. 
So the show brings in multiple characters to help/hinder Frank in his cause to be a bad-ass. First up is his kinda-partner Micro, an interesting tech savvy character with his own issues to solve, as he is thought to be dead by his family and everyone else, gunned down for what he knew, but luckily his phone saved his life. Next up is Dinah, a no nonsense member of Homeland, unhappy about her situation and the fact that the government are trying to bury what happened in Afghanistan, but she refuses to back down, proving herself both an ally and foe to Frank's one man wrecking spree. 

Billy Russo is also Frank's best friend from his time in the military, but also his main enemy. That's right, there's the spoiler I warned you about. Accept, lets face it, having the whole best friend be the bad guy isn't anything new. IMDb ruined the character for me though as they had him listed with his supervillain name Jigsaw rather then Billy Russo, so when pretty boy Billy gets his face smashed into a mirror it's no surprise, but it is still really brutal.
I really enjoyed this season of The Punisher. The thing with Micro's family would slow down the awesome action, but had it's place I guess. The side story of a former soldier turning into a terrorist was interesting and tried to ask some questions about gun control. I loved the action scenes, with some of the fights being brutal. Frank decapitates a man at one point, and when he gets his hands on Agent Orange, oh boy, that shit was brutal. Final Verdict is 7/10, and that's a high 7. I think this was definitely a step in the right direction after the last two lack lustre shows, but yeah I'm hoping for a season 2 just so I can see Jigsaw in all his glory. That's right, you don't even get to see Jigsaw, yet he is still named on IMDb. Damn troll site. Richee

PS: I didn't like the fact they wussed out on killing off Dinah at the end of the series, but she was a cool character so when she gets shot in the head it's shocking, but then she survived so it's like meh. 


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