Saturday, 4 November 2017

Seoul Station (2017) - Richee Review

One of the best zombie films in recent memory, Train to Busan, gave us brilliantly written characters, with multiple flaws, but even with those flaws you liked and routed for all of them. They also showed common sense in what would be a desperate situation. When I found out there was an animated prequel I naturally had to watch it and anything attached to this brilliant story.

Seoul Station follows Hye-Sun after breaking up with her boyfriend (who wanted to pimp her out to pay his rent), and finds herself on the streets of Seoul during the zombie outbreak. She teams up with with a homeless man to try and survive the situation. While she is in a desperate situation, a man claiming to be her father finds her boyfriend and goes looking for her, again trying to survive the outbreak while trying to locate Hye-Sun. 

The story is simple, as it just follows the main characters going from one destination to another. The first thing which stood out is how annoying and unlikeable the first few characters are, with a homeless guy being particularly annoying. The animation looks good but the movements look so awkward from the basics of running to the fight scenes. Hye-Sun didn't really feel like a competent lead, as she just seemed to luck out through her travels while everyone else seems to get picked off.
The film is tolerable up until the end. Hye-Sun somehow survives long enough for her arsehole boyfriend to find her, and for us to get a twist in the story bringing the ending of the film to a disappointing finish, if you ask me. Whereas even if you get scratched you get infected (and it's been a while since I saw Train to Busan), but I always find it weird that a scratch would infect anyone. 

Final Verdict is a 3/10: this is a bad film, even if it was a stand alone film it would be bad, but the fact it is associated with such a brilliant film is a real disappointment. I didn't like any of the characters in the film, which left me not caring if they died or not. I was actually routing for the zombies in some of the scenes. If you're a fan of Train to Busan I wouldn't bother with this. In fact, if you're not a fan of the film don't bother with this either. Richee 

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