Friday, 10 November 2017

Really Ridley, Really? Why you shouldn't take the Alien out of the Alien franchise

Well, my hopes of never seeing Ridley Scott drag the Alien franchise through even more mud seems unlikely. Even with the dismal Alien: Covenant getting pretty average reviews overall, and having a rather disappointing box office taking, they seem to be going ahead with another sequel, even though it was up in the air apparently, meaning another shit Ridley Scott-Alien-film. However, if that's not bad enough, apparently the Alien franchise doesn't need an Alien any more.

Ridley Scott was recently quoted saying, "So we went to Covenant to perpetuate the idea and re-evolve the universe of the alien, who --- I think the beast has almost run out, personally. You've got to come in with something else. You've got to replace that. And so I was right, I was ahead of the game" (link). This looks to me really suspicious. The man did Prometheus which got rightly shot down for being a bad film (because it was a bad film) and people pointed to the lack of the Xenomorph. 
 So the next film Covenant has the Xenomorph, but is such a terrible film. Scott tries to point his finger at it, saying this film is shit because of the Xenomorph. What a load of nonsense. The film wasn't shit because of the monster, it was shit because of the terrible story, horrendously stupid characters, and the fact that the big twist was predictable and stupid, but most of all because maybe, just maybe, you've lost any ability to actually direct a decent film any more. 

I agree, something needs to change in the Alien universe, but it's not ditching the Xenomorph, it's ditching Ridley Scott's old ass, and throwing as much money at Neill Blomkamp as you can, as he is a competent director who could actually save this series, and force Scott into retirement. (Harsh but fair.) Just look at his last few films minus the garbage Alien ones: The Martian, which was alright but nothing special; Exodus: Gods and Kings, which got a dismal 27% on Rotten Tomatoes and had a whole lot of white washing controversy around it; or how about The Counsellor, an all star shit show with 35% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is extremely generous in my opinion. 
How is this man still working? His best days are clearly behind him. But the best part of his quote is the fact that Xenomorph's are boring. Let's make the A.I. the villain, yeah because David and Walter were such intriguing characters, maybe Ridley just wants to watch Michael Fassbender finger himself some more. This seems like such a stupid thing to do, if you're bored of the Alien in Alien maybe stop making Alien films, you moron. 

Now I know this is just a massive rant blog, but I freaking love the Xenomorph from the Alien films. It's the ultimate killing machine, one of the most terrifying creations in movie history. This is like taking Jason Vorhees out of Friday the 13th or Michael Myers out of Halloween. The Alien is clearly still a terrifying part of our culture, just look at the atmospheric game Alien: Isolation. The problem with shit Alien films isn't down to the creature, it's down to shit direction. Now I've got myself all hyped up and pissed off, what do you think? Are you looking forward to Blade Runner Covenant 2: Electric Boogaloo? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Richee


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